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NimaUSA | 1,000,000+ Views In The First 9 Days On Tiktok Organic

Tiktok Page: @nimasound
Results: 1,000,000+ Views In The First 9 Days On Tiktok Organic
Niche: Bluetooth Speakers

Before Starting

Nima came to us like 90% of the brands out there - knowing the potential their brand has on Tiktok but struggling to know where to start and how to get results on a new platform. They were completely fresh to Tiktok and never had a Tiktok page before. We knew right away we were the perfect fit to make their brand go viral on Tiktok...

The Process

Knowing that we are the experts on Tiktok the process for Nima was completely automated from the start - all they had to do was ship us the products and we took care of the rest! Our team created a fresh Tiktok page and started to brainstorm our creative ideas in an effort to make viral tiktok creatives from day one. Within 5 days from when the products arrived to us we were ready and went live with our first post...

The Results

The results we were able to bring in were almost instantly viral from day one. Fast forward just 9 days from our first post we were able to accumulate over 1,000,000 organic view for Nima on a brand new Tiktok page with no followers or likes. Our 2nd post with over 500k+ views and just 3 days later another viral Tiktok with 350k+ views followed by another 100k+ view tiktok in 24 hours. 

We knew from the first time we spoke with Nima that we would be able to catapult their brand on Tiktok with viral content almost overnight! Moving forward we will continue posting 1-3 Tiktoks per day creating a snowball effect continuing to rack in views, visitors and sales. 

Overall we are both extremely happy with the results we are getting and will continue to scale organically with viral tiktoks not only on this page but with multiple tiktok pages!

STYM Bedtime Diffuser | 1,600,000+ Views In 4 Days On Tiktok Organic With A Single Tiktok Video

Before Starting

When we first came in contact with STYM they already had some small success on Tiktok with some Tiktok videos that got a few thousand views per Tiktok. They came to us looking to scale by introducing another Tiktok page to catapult their Tiktok Organic growth. We were confident from day 1 that not only could we get some amazing results for them but felt we could do even better than what they were able to achieve on their own...

The Process

We created a separate Tiktok page starting from scratch and had STYM send us a few units of their product so we can start posting right away. While the product was being shipped to us our team brainstormed a unique theme and angle for their Tiktok videos. Once products arrived we got right to work...

The Results

The results exceeded the expectations in under 12 days from our first post. One of our Tiktoks got 400k+ views in the first 24 hours and went on to get 1.6M+ views organically in 4 days! 

Our unique approach to create viral content by capitalizing on controversy and viral trends was the ideas behind this page and it worked out better than they could imagine. 

We are happy to add STYM to our list of brands going viral on Tiktok organic and plan to continue to scale to millions of views with multiple pages soon!
Tiktok Page: @stymbedtimediffuser
Results: 1,600,000+ Views In 4 Days On Tiktok Organic With A Single Tiktok Video
Niche: Melatonin Diffuser

Jacob | $50K+/Day Increased ROAS Profits By 300% Implementing In-Studio UGC - $3.7 Million Total Sales

Niche: Womens Slippers
Results: Increased ROAS Profits By 300% & Scale To $50K+/Day
Founder: Jacob
Jacob decided to come to us to help him where he lacked in the content aspect of his business. He wanted to gain his time back and focus on other factors of his business and knew it would be too time consuming and costly for him to tackle this himself. We helped integrate new types of creatives to his arsenal of creatives that would increase his ROAS by 300% with a total of 3.7M+ in sales and still growing with his brand!

The Process

We had a quick audit with Jacob's current advertisements and noticed that there was only one type of creative that has been tested for his brand, right there we knew we could help out! Quickly our team delivered our Facebook package which included In-Studio UGC creatives. They were able to implement and test our UGC creatives and ultimately finding out that our In-Studio UGC Creatives worked best for him!

The Results

The results were exactly what we were looking for. Our In-Studio UGC creatives allowed Jacob to increase profits over night. Our UGC creatives increased ROAS profits on cold traffic and retargeting by 300% compared to his previous video ads!  Checkout his video testimonial and hear for yourself!

We were able to help him scale to up-words of 50k+ per day with a 3.2 ROAS with the user generated content compared to before with his original content around a 2.2 ROAS. Not only were we able to increase the ROAS on cold traffic but had seen as high as a 6+ ROAS on retargeting campaigns. For Jacob this content built social proof and trust with his audience giving them that last push to make them become a customer.

If you have never used In-Studio UGC before you are really missing a big opportunity to profit more. Schedule a call with us to see if we are a good fit for you!

Brooks | $20K/Day + 10X ROAS Within 20 Days Implementing In-Studio UGC - $2.5 Million Total Sales

The Journey

Brooks came to us looking to up his content game. He received tremendous results using the creatives we made for him, being able to do $2.5 Million in total sales with his brand, and seeing hockey stick growth multiple times in his scale. When he first started working with us, he propelled from doing $1k/day to over $10k/day in just a few weeks. Once we started using In-Studio UGC creatives, Brooks was able to scale from the $10k/day point up to $20k/day in only 20 days using our ugc creatives.

The Results

The results were outstanding. At first, the content maintained a 10x return on ad spend which allowed Brooks to scale very quickly, and very profitably. Our In-Studio UGC creatives outperformed his previous video ads by over 200%!  Brooks was a very happy client, and his results are nothing short of inspiring.

Not only did the creatives work great with paid advertising, but Brooks was able to bring in an extra $2k - $3k per day just by posting the creatives we gave him on his social media platforms. 
If our content can do this for Brooks, why can't we do this for you? We focus on creating high converting viral content, and we use our experience to continue getting better. Schedule a call with our team and see what we can do for you!
Niche: Fitness & Health
Results: 10x ROAS within 20 days
$10k/Day to $20k/Day In Sales
Founder: Brooks

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